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Solar Worx Northern Rivers is one of the most trusted and reliable solar companies in the Northern Rivers area. Our customers can rely on Solar Worx Northern Rivers to provide a professional service at competitive prices.

Looking for a quality solar system that suits your home or business? and find out why more customers are choosing Solar Worx Northern Rivers.

We can design a solar solution ranging from small residential systems to large commercial scale installations anywhere in the Northern Rivers area and beyond.

Solar Worx Northern Rivers supply all the major solar power panels and inverters including brands ABB, Trina Solar, SMA, ReneSola, Solax and PGK and all backed by our award winning customer service team and CEC accredited installers at the industry's most competitive prices.

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How It Works

Home and Business Battery Storage

Take your grid connected solar system to the next level by adding batteries. Storing your own solar power will give you greater independence from the corporate energy retailers and will increase the benefits of your solar system.

A typical household for working family may only uses about 30% of its total energy needs during sunshine hours. So a Home Battery sized to offset most, if not all of your energy needs should be around 70% of your daily consumption.

Smaller batteries can also be installed and still have a great impact on your electricity bill as well as your carbon footprint. Generally, Home Batteries with a capacity of about ⅓ of your daily consumption already double your solar yields.

Solar Export and Batteries

If you want to continue feeding excess power into the grid (e.g. after the batteries are full), more electronics are needed to prevent draining the batteries. This configuration is only recommended for customers with massive amounts of excess solar power or generous feed-in tariffs. Furthermore, grid feeding hybrid solar systems would also require an additional changeover switch to power the house during blackouts - EPS ( Emergency Power Supply )

We’ve been installing residential battery systems across the Northern Rivers. We can supply and install the best next-generation solar batteries at great prices from leading brands including Tesla Energy, SMA and LG Chem. Get more from solar power! Call our friendly, expert team on 0402-310 031 or 02 66463140 for prices and to learn more or review some of our information below.

Commercial Projects


Commerical solar power for your business brings about many financial benefits:

Quick return on your investment

Knowing that you will be producing your own energy in future years

Depreciation claim on tax


Residential Projects